Saturday, 13 December 2014

Medan Journal (Day 2) : Reaching Berastagi

Going Down (or Up)

Day 2: From Medan to Berastagi, and no, it's not 1hr 9 mins. Trust me.
Credit: Google Maps

We left Ibunda Hotel at 9am. Our journey today will take us from Medan to Pancur Batu, then Sibaulangit, Green Hill City and then finally Berastagi.

Ride told us a lot of interesting facts along the way to Berastagi. For example, did you know that there are three big ethnics in Indonesia namely Java (Jawa), Minang and Batak. 

Other interesting fact:
  1. In Medan, 30% are Chinese, 30% Batak, 30% Malay and other ethnics constitute the remaining 10%. 
  2. 1n Brestagi, there are a lot of trees and farms.
  3. Ridu himself is from the Batak tribe, the 14th generation of the Hutahayan.
  4. Starting from Berestagi upwards (in that region I suppose), they pride themselves with their zero crime! Ridu said that the people here have a very strong sense of culture and was brought up not to commit crime. That, and also that if you murder someone, you'll be executed as well, and then your blood will be drunk by your people (yup, I know what you're thinking. I think it's a form of cannibalism too). So unless you want that to happen, I'd say better stay away from committing any form of crime.
We passed through a few interesting places on our way to Berastagi, but due to time constraints and feasibility, we didn't stop at any of them.

1. Green Hill City - Located in Sibaulangit, North Sumatra, I was told that this place is basically an elite residential area with an entertainment/amusement park called Green Hill Park. You can read more about this place here.

The Journey from Medan to Green Hill City takes about an hour
Credit: Foursquare

2. Air terjun dua warna - One, you need like a four wheel drive to get here or if not, you can always walk (but you'll then need two hours to get there by threading along the riverbank). The waterfall was named so because of its azure blue and ash white complexion due to the presence of phosphorus and sulphur. Plus, the temperature of this waterfall is quite unique as well, with the bright azure blue (Maya blue) region colder than the ash white one. In addition, you could also camp here and just soak yourself in mother nature. I know, amazing right? I just wished we could've stopped here, but hey, I guess there is always next time! (I hope!)
 The Mesmerizing Air Terjun Dua Warna (Two-Coloured Waterfall)


How can you tell if you are getting closer to Berastagi? Feel the weather. 

1.5 hours along the way, I could gradually feel the weather change... the cold air sweeping across my face. I subconsciously tell myself, "Berastagi is near." Lo and behold, we reached Berastagi soon after. 

We arrived at Berastagi around noon. Ridu drove us to Wisma Sibayak, our accomodation here at Berastagi. 

An Interesting fact about Berastagi: 

1. Batak Karo makes up the majority of the population here. 
2. Berastagi town is 70km south of Medan and about 1,300m above sea level, compared to Medan (2.5-3.5m above sea level). That explains the weather haha.
3. This place is well-known for its passion fruit. It's really good. You need to try it yourself!

Our beautiful and cozy accomodation at Wisma Sibayak

Daddy and Cinta

We settled in and took a bit of rest. Next Stop, Sipiso-Piso Waterfall and Tongging. 

Man, what I'm going to tell you next is one of the most beautiful waterfall I have ever seen in my life. 

Stay tune folks. It's worth it!


  1. about the blood drinking tribe, when someone commit murder crime, its scary and quite creapy...but the waterfall is beautiful... :D
    malaysian blogger, currently living in germany.. I love travelling to, in Europe, especially :D

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